John Roberts

UNSW Scientia Professor of Marketing




Room 464, UNSW Business School, UNSW


October 8, 2019: John Roberts & Elena Keller 

Speaker #1: John Roberts (Scientia Professor of Marketing, UNSW Business) 
Topic: A Research Agenda for Studying the Role of Emotions in Choice Models

While the role of emotions in consumer evaluation processes has been well established in consumer behaviour, discrete choice modellers have been slow to incorporate them in their models. One major reason for this omission has been the lack of reliable and accessible ways to measure emotions. The advent of a range of new ways of assessing emotional response has opened our ability to address a number of questions about the functional form by which emotions influence choice.  In this presentation I build on the work of Roberts et al. (MktSc 2015) to examine emotional response for non linearity, the effect of emotional incoherence, and the differential role of emotions across product categories.  In doing so, I describe work with a number of co-authors at UNSW.

About the speaker: 
John Roberts is a Scientia Professor at the University of New South Wales and Fellow of the London Business School and Fudan University.  He is a recipient of the AMA’s John Howard Award, its William O’Dell Award, and its Advanced Research Techniques Forum Best Paper Award. He has also received the ISMS Buck Weaver Award for Lifetime Contributions to the Theory and Practice of Marketing Science, and been a finalist in the John Little Award three times and the Gary Lilien Award three times.  He sits on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Marketing Science, amongst others.

Speaker #2: Elena Keller (Research Associate and PhD Student, UNSW)
Topic: Revealed Preference Experiment Exploring The Demand For Fertility Treatments

As women increasingly delay childbearing to an age when their fertility is declining, the demand for fertility treatments is on the rise. Particularly, elective egg freezing, which is advertised as preserving a woman’s fertility, received considerable media coverage in recent years. However, it is barely understood how women respond to prices and which other characteristics are relevant in determining their demand. We propose to conduct a revealed preference experiment to explore how demand depends on price, income, time and risk preferences among other characteristics. In the seminar I will present the experimental design and procedures. We hope the results help explain some of the anomalies we observe in the market.

About the speaker: 
Elena Keller is a Health Economist specializing in the analysis of linked administrative health datasets to provide evidence on whether treatments provide good value for money. Currently, she is a Research Associate and PhD Student within the National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit (NPESU) at the Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH), Faculty of Medicine, UNSW. Her PhD project is supervised by Associate Professor Georgina Chambers (NPESU), Professor Andreas Ortmann (School of Economics) and Professor Louisa Jorm (CBDRH).

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