Recommended Blogs

One of our favorite blogs: Andrew Gelman’s Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

A close contender is Uli Schimmack’s Replicability-Index, which features first-rate methodology pieces, numerous replicability “audits” of eminent psychologists, psychology departments, and psychology journals. It’s a fantastic resource. Uli, we warn you, is a warrior and he does not suffer fools gladly (as is on daily display in “his” Facebook Psychological Methods Discussion group) which has doubled its membership year by year, has currently 26 thousand group members, and each day at least half a dozen substantial threads. You are not part of the ongoing replicability conversation if you do not follow this page.

Another of our favorite blogs: Daniel Lakens’s The 20% Statistician

Also (but somewhat more demanding): Bayesian Spectacles 

Often worth a read is Simine Vazire’s sometimes i’m wrong blog

The Daily Zad is an important blog on statistics, medicine, and nutrition.

Absolutely Maybe is Hilda Bastian’s excellent blog on evidence and uncertainties about life and medicine. reports on health news to help journalists and the public improve their critical thinking about claims of health care interventions.

Decision Science News is  a website about Behavioral Economics, Data Science, Statistics, Marketing, Management, Psychology, Computer Science, Medicine, Policy, & Law.

Bremb’s Blog Brembs has important things to say about open science, Sci-Hub, effective civil disobedience against Elsevier and similar robber barons, what a modern scientific infrastructure should look like, and where you find the least reliable science (confidential to all: it’s the top journals). Oh, and he also reflects on booming university administrations. As, incidentally, has Julie Schumacher in her recent academic novel, Dear Committee Members. Recommended.

The Replication Network blog. Good aggregator of replicability news from economics.

Must Read (and Bookmark)

Retraction Watch All retractions in one place, continuously updated.

Open Science Framework A scholarly commons to connect the entire research cycle.

The latest version of Peter Wakker‘s annotated bibliography on decisions and uncertainty is available here.


Here is our favorite review of Richard Thaler’s Misbehaving.

Here is our favorite review of Michael Lewis’s The Undoing Project.

Here is our favorite review of John Tomer’s Advanced Introduction to Behavioral Economics

BETA Directory of Australian Academics with a Particular BI or Policy Focus

In 2017, BETA published a directory of Australian academics with a particular BI or policy focus, catalogued both alphabetically and by policy area. It could have used a good editor, and would have benefitted from a template, but it’s a start that should satisfy the curious.

BETA Guide to Developing Behavioural Interventions for Randomised Controlled Trials

Phil Ames and Professor Michael Hiscox provide nine guiding questions for those that want to develop behavioural RTC interventions.

An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R

Offered online (free!) by Gareth James, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani.

Another Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R

Offered online (free!) by Dani Navarro.

And Yet Another Online R-resource

Wellbeing Science: In Search of the Good Life

Free eBook available online by Ulrich Schimmack.

A New and Modern Textbook on Statistical Thinking, With a Chapter on Reproducibility

Offered online (free!) by Russell A. Poldrack.

Scott Cunningham’s Causal Inference: The Mixtape

Offered online (free!) by Scott Cunningham. Eminently readable, with topics such as regression discontinuity, instrumental variables, panel data, differences-in-differences, and synthetic control.