Renee is Professor of Finance at the University of Oxford, an Affiliate of LSE’s Financial Markets Group, Senior Fellow at the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research, and a Member of the European Corporate Governance Institute. She was formerly Professor of Finance at University of New South Wales and the Director of UNSW Business School’s Women in Leadership Network.
Professor Adams holds a MS in Mathematics from Stanford University and a PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago and has been the Commonwealth Bank Chair at UNSW since 2011.
Her academic interests focus on the organisation of corporate boards, with emphases on corporate governance, governance of financial institutions, corporate finance and the economics of organisations.
In particular, Professor Adams’s work on gender diversity in corporate boards has been featured in the Financial Times and the Economist and has led to her founding The Financial Economics Women Network (“The F.E.W.”) and co-founding the American Finance Association’s “Academic Female Finance Committee” (“AFFECT”).
More information about Professor Adams can be found on the UNSW Business School website here.