zoom Meeting


June 15, 2021: Julia Rohrer 
Topic: Not Even Unreplicable: Vague Questions & Pseudo-Heterogeneity

Debates surrounding the credibility crisis in psychology (and elsewhere) have often focused on replicability. However, maybe even more damning, substantial parts of the literature may be “not even unreplicable.” Unclear research questions lead to a wealth of data analytic choices that are sufficient to introduce plenty of pseudo-heterogeneity. In this talk, I will highlight the problem with substantive examples and references to recent developments in psychology (“Many Analysts” efforts, multiverse analysis), but also discuss potential pathways out.

About the speaker: 
Julia Rohrer is a personality psychologist interested in subjective well-being and its determinants. Her previous work covers a broad range of topics from personality and well-being research (e.g., the effects of birth order on personality, age trends in self- and other-reported personality, and the question which pursuits of happiness successfully increase well-being). Furthermore, she is interested in methodological issues (e.g., causal inference from observational data, transparency in secondary data analysis) and is an active advocate for Open Science practices.

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