Business Lounge, Level 6, UNSW Business School, UNSW


February 11, 2020: Prof Gilad Chen 
Topic: The State Of The OB Science: How Are We Doing, And Can We Do Better?

In the past decade or so, social scientists have been given increased attention to scientific transparency and rigor.  In particular, debates have ensued about whether scientific findings in the social sciences are trustworthy (i.e., reproducible, replicable, and based on proper applications of scientific methods). In this talk, I will critically examine these scientific debates from the perspectives of the organizational behavior/psychology (OBP) and the broader psychology literatures.  I will specifically attempt to provide a balanced review of the evidence regarding the extent to which psychological and OBP research is replicable and reproducible, and whether scholars in these fields engage in questionable research practices.  I will also discuss suggestions for what authors, reviewers, editors, and journals can do to enhance scientific transparency and rigor in our field.

About the speaker: 
Dr. Gilad Chen is the Robert H. Smith Chair in Organizational Behavior, at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. Dr. Chen teaches courses on a variety of organizational behavior, human resource management, and methodological topics. His research focuses on work motivation, adaptation, teams and leadership, with particular interest in understanding the complex interface between individuals and the socio-technical organizational context. He has won several research awards, including the 2007 Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award from SIOP, the 2008 Cummings Scholar Award from the OB Division of the AoM, and the 2014 Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award from the University of Maryland. Dr. Chen is also an elected Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, International Association of Applied Psychology, Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and Society of Organizational Behavior. Dr. Chen’s research has appeared in such journals as the Academy of Management Journal, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes, and Research in Organizational Behavior. He is now serving as the Editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology (2014-2020), after serving as Associate Editor for the journal from 2008 through 2013.

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