Topic: From Questionable Research Practices to Sound Science 

Please join us for our fourth annual Workshop, held in conjunction with BizLab.
For an idea of the format and style of the workshop, please see last year’s workshop on Replicability and Credibility, or the previous years’ on Perspectives and Replicability.

This year, we have invited three prominent proponents of the replicability movement: Daniel Lakens, Simine Vazire, and Ulrich Schimmack.

While our half-day workshop starts at noon as in previous years, Daniel Lakens will give an additional workshop on the morning that will cover some of the material in his excellent Coursera course.

Please note that the next installment of this course is starting Monday July 23, 2018 and we encourage you to enrol. UNSW postdocs and grad students may ask for reimbursement if the course was successfully completed (limited to the first 20 students).

Registrations for this workshop are strictly mandatory and can be completed through this link.
Further information regarding this workshop will be updated here as soon as it is available.