3 November 2017
Please join us for our third workshop this November, run in conjunction with BizLab.
The theme for the workshop is Revisiting the replicability, and credibility, crisis in the social sciences and progress towards addressing it.
It is no longer news that economics, psychology, and other business and social sciences face serious replication crises that seem to be brought about – to a considerable extent – by questionable practices such as p-hacking and publication bias. Since replication is an important component of cumulative science, these crises pose a major challenge and are of considerable interest to everyone working experimentally or empirically in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, psychology and other related areas. The workshop offers an up-to-date assessment of the current state of the crises and strategies (such as the recent proposal by the group of 72 to reduce alpha to 0.005) to overcome them.
Further information on the event, including timing, speakers and the RSVP link can be found on the Bizlab website here.

Please note, RSVPs for this event close 26 October 2017 and are strictly necessary. 

Information about our previous workshops can be found here and here.