Zoom Meeting (online only)


September 21, 2020: Taisuke Imai 
Topic: Meta-Analysis in Behavioral Economics: The Case of Loss Aversion and Present Bias

Loss aversion and present bias are two of the most widely used concepts in behavioral economics. Given how widely the concepts have been applied in economics and many other fields in social sciences, it is useful to have the best possible empirical answer about how large the loss aversion coefficient and the present bias parameter are, and how they vary across contexts and measurement methods. In this talk, I discuss results from two meta-analyses that systematically accumulate knowledge from numerous empirical estimates of these behavioral parameters, and provide “tentative” answers to these questions.

Recommended readings: 
Brown, Imai, Vieider, and Camerer (2021) “Meta-Analysis of Empirical Estimates of Loss-Aversion” Imai, Rutter, and Camerer (2021) “Meta-Analysis of Present-Bias Estimation using Convex Time Budgets”

About the speaker: 
Taisuke Imai is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Munich. His research interests include the application of revealed preference methods, experimental methodology, and meta-scientific topics including reproducibility.

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