Room 464, UNSW Business School, UNSW


September 10, 2019: Joel Pearson 
Topic: Future Minds Lab @UNSW, Who Are We And What Are We Doing

Our mission is to advance knowledge of the human mind, brain and behaviour to help us think, do and be better in a rapidly changing world. Future Minds is a S25 funded centre aiming to use psychology and neuroscience to understand all things innovation, the future of work and education. We operate as a ‘full-stack lab’ doing both fundamental research and agency style applied work. Here Joel will introduce the new lab, its mission, current and future projects and its unique methodology.

About the speaker: 
Joel is a Prof. of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. He is the founder and director of the Future Minds Lab, a world first, hands on human-centered research lab/agency working to apply Psychology and Neuroscience to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, the future of work and education, the interaction of technology and humans, and building services and products based on this science to impact the economy for businesses of all sizes. He is also the founder of MindX a lab spin-out that does neuroscience and psychology of advertising and marketing. Joel started his career studying art and filmmaking at one of Australia’s top fine arts school. However, he then decided to apply his creative discovery techniques to the scientific mysteries of human consciousness and the complexities of brain. He completed his science PhD in 2 years. In the world of science Joel is considered a world expert in the human imagination, intuition, hallucinations, and consciousness research.

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