Room 464, UNSW Business School, UNSW


August 15, 2019: Lionel Page 
Topic: The Matthew Effect: How Success Fosters Further Success

This talk discusses violations of the informativeness principle whereby lucky successes are overly rewarded. I find evidence that luck is overly influencing managers’ decisions and evaluators’ ratings. I further discuss quasi-experimental evidence that people who get lucky early on are given more opportunities/resources, and that this breeds future success. Our results suggest that this luck-based version of the “Matthew Effect” is likely to be widespread in economic organisations.

About the speaker: 
Lionel Page is Professor of Economics at UTS.  Professor Page frequently publishes about various aspects of individual and group behaviour, including: choice under risk and uncertainty, behaviour in contests, political choices, social preferences, and educational choices. He serves as an editor for Theory and Decision, and for Behavioural Public Policy. 

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