Eva Vivalt

Assistant Professor




Zoom Meeting (online only)


August 10, 2021: Eva Vivalt 
Topic: Uses of Forecasts in Research

Evidence from the Social Science Prediction Platform Researchers are increasingly collecting ex ante forecasts of study results. These forecasts can help evaluate the novelty and credibility of research results; mitigate publication bias against null results; answer substantive research questions; provide priors for Bayesian analysis; and help with experimental design, among other potential benefits. The Social Science Prediction Platform is a centralized platform that has been helping researchers collect forecasts for their own projects. This presentation will give an overview of the project and take a look at how the Social Science Prediction Platform is currently being used. Transparency-related features will also be highlighted. 

About the speaker: 
Eva Vivalt is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Toronto. Her main research interests are in cash transfers, reducing barriers to evidence-based decision-making, and global priorities research.

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