UNSW Kensington Campus, Sydney - Ainsworth Building (J17) - Theatre G03


The BizLab at UNSW is hosting a half-day Workshop in Experimental Methods for Research in Social Science and Business on Friday, November 27th 2015. It is no longer news that both economics and psychology face serious replication crises that seem to be brought about – to a considerable extent – by questionable practices such as p-hacking. Since replication is an important component of cumulative science, these crises pose a major challenge and are of considerable interest to everyone working experimentally or empirically in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, psychology and other related areas. The workshop is meant to offer an up-to-date assessment of the current state of the crises and strategies to overcome them. We welcome academics from across the business disciplines and social sciences who are interested in experimental methods and interdisciplinary exchange. It is anticipated both faculty and PhD students from across Australia will attend the workshop, and there will be plenty of time for informal networking.